Who We Are

Joe & Derek

ARC was established in 2006 by Joe and Derek, long-time friends and running enthusiasts whose passion for the sport led them to put up the business of their dreams. They envisioned a full-service running store and physical therapy clinic combined. Joe’s career in the running industry and Derek’s physical therapy practice allowed them to fulfill this vision and create a service that truly supports runners in all aspects of the sport.

Joe and Derek thought that they should not only sell top products; but also, truly keep runners injury-free and on top form. They also valued building a community of friends and runners who share the same passion as they have. And with all of this, they desired to be able to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Everything that ARC has achieved and does until now is a product of this vision. To date, the ARC Community has grown unbelievably and we thank each one of you for your support!

Joe and Derek