Benjamin Gaetos

Latest Event

Badwater 2013

Running Stats

1) Ran first race @ 1989 Run for the Homeless 10k in Griffith Park
2) Ran first marathon @ 1992 Los Angeles Marathon
3) Ran first ultramarathon @ 2002 Bulldog 50k, Malibu, CA
4) Completed 58 ultramarathons, 58 marathons and 150+ races at 5k-30k


Grade School /High School: Paco Catholic School, Manila, Philippines

College: B.S. Architecture Graduate, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

Personal Information

Work:  Architect at City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works

Family: Married with one daughter

Non-running interests:
1) Writing
2) Mountain Biking
3) Hiking
4) Collecting sports trading cards
5) Going to concerts, theatrical event, sporting events and visiting historic buildings

Why do you love to run?

Favorite Quote by Robert Frost:
“Two roads diverged on a road, and I –
I took the road less travelled by
And that has made all the difference.”