Bryan Lamb

Personal Information

Byran’s Bio:

Running has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.  Whether it was soccer, cross country, training for wrestling, or competing in races later on in life – running has always been a part of me.  It has allowed me to become a better athlete, and a better man.  A long time ago, my father saw me practicing “bridging drills” for wrestling (this is where a wrestler puts his weight on his head/neck in order to defend against someone pinning him).  He gave me some sage advice then that I try to live by:  “You can put all of your effort into getting out of a bad position, or you can put all of your effort to making sure you’re never on your back in the first place.”  Those words stuck with me, and I choose the latter when I train and run.

I feel that running binds our community, our world, our human race as one.  I’m not someone who gets stuck on times, awards, wins, race accolades, etc as a way to judge someone as a runner.  In my mind, the person who is finishing dead last in a 5k but worked their butt off to get to the finish line is the same as someone who broke the world record to cross the finish line.  They each have their own special place as runners in my view.

As an athlete, I’ve participated in a variety of sports – but mainly wrestled and ran cross country in college.  After college, I pretty much stopped any exercise at all and ended up packing on a few extra unwanted pounds.  I simply decided one day to get back into shape and began running to do so.  That lead to me competing in races, which in turn lead to me competing in longer races, and then triathlons.

I’m primarily a triathlete – but seeing that the run is my strongest leg, I find myself doing quite a few running events as well.  I’ll race any event, from a 1 mile race to a 50 mile ultra marathon, from a sprint triathlon to a full distance Ironman.  As long as there is a challenge – I’m willing to take it on.

My goals for 2014 are to do well in all of the races I enter, with “well” being defined as racing to the best of my ability at the time I start the race.  That’s all I can ever ask of myself.  I want to race my best, and hope that I’ve prepared enough in my training to “make sure I’m never on my back in the first place.”  I want to come out of 2014 in a position where I can achieve my ultimate goals of qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships in Austria and maybe Kona in 2015.  Also, I’m hoping to be able to do either the Celtman or Norseman triathlons in 2015.

Running Highlights

Leadman 125 – 2nd Place Age Group
Fearless Double Super Sprint – 1st Place Age Group
San Dimas Turkey Tri – 1st Place Age Group
Veteran’s Day One Mile – 2nd Place Overall
Tri Zone Mock Tri – 1st Place Overall
Dino Dash Ride – 1st Place Overall
PCRF Half Marathon – 4th Place Age Group
High Desert 50k – 4th Place Age Group

PV Aquathlon – 3rd Place Overall


Running Events

2014 Race Schedule/Results:

Jan 19 – PV Aquathlon (3rd OA)
Feb 9 – ITry Sprint Triathlon (4th AG)
Mar 2 – Coaster Run (10k) (1st AG)
Mar 16 – Leprechaun Leap (5k) (1st AG)
Mar 22 – Beach Body Bash (Running/Crossfit) (1st OA)
Mar 29  – PCRF Reaching for the Cure Half Century (50 Mi cycling) (1st OA)
Mar 30 – PCRF Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon (13.1 Mi) (1st AG)
Apr 13 – Leadman Epic Tempe (125k Triathlon) (6th AG – Belt Buckle)
May 4 – LA River Walk/Run (5k)
May 17 – Xterra Offroad Triathlon
May 26 – Laguna Hills Half Marathon (13.1 Mi)
May 31 – Special Olympics Tri (Long Beach)
Jun 1 – Special Olympics Half Marathon
Jun 22 – Dina LaVigna Olympic Triathlon
Jul 20 – Giffith Park Marathon Relay (5.5 mi)
Jul 26 – Vineman Full Distance (140.6 Triathlon)
Sep 21 – Ironman Lake Tahoe (140.6 Triathlon)
Oct 26 – Renegade Halloween Half Marathon (13.1 mi)
Nov 2 – Surf City Triathlon (70.3 Triathlon)
Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day One Miler (1 mi)
Nov 23 – Turkey Tri
Dec 7 – North Face Endurance Challenge (50 Mi)
Dec 13 – Troutman Sanders (5k)
TBA:  Fearless F1 Double Super Sprint
POSSIBLE:  Lifetime Tri Oceanside National Championships – October

2013 Races:
Jan  – Honkers Marathon
May – PCRF Reaching for Cure Run / Ride
June – Dina La Vigna Olympic Triathlon
Sep – Leadman Bend Or
Sep – Tri Zone Mock Tri
Oct – Oceanside National Champ
Oct – Fearless Double Sprint
Nov – Dino Dash Ride
Nov – Veteran’s Day One Mile Run
Nov – San Dimas Turkey Tri
Dec – High Desert 50k

Why do you love to run?

Running provides me with everything I need to clear my mind and concentrate on what life is throwing at me all at the same time.  It allows me to be role model to my family, friends, and community by showing that anything is possible when you put the work in.