James San Jose



How did you get into running?

I enjoy to eat but I didn’t have an active balance in life and eventually I found myself at my heaviest 265lbs. I got into running to initially lose weight. When I started to run on a more consistent basis I met other runners, who I now can call friends and heroes of mine, that encouraged me to run faster and keep on going for longer distances. Now you can find me running in and out of Griffith Park or on the trails around the Rose Bowl.

What inspired you to volunteer as a pacer?

What inspires me to become a pacer is that I will be able to surrounded myself with other people who enjoy running as much as I do. Also, I will be able to share my story with others who are running for a more fit life like myself.

Greatest running achievement

My greatest achievement in running is that I PR’d in my half marathon distance in San Francisco. Also, during training for my first half marathon earlier this year I finally achieved my goal of losing 100lbs.

Favorite Quote?

“The more I run, the more I can eat!”