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Jessica Montoya

Running Highlights

As of 2012 I’ve completed a total of 89 races which consist of 10k’s, 12k’s, 18k’s, 25k’s, 30k, 50k, 50 half marathons, and 31 marathons. I have been running for four years and thankfully I have never been injured. I was inspired by my cousin in seeing how much one can do and push their body to be able to go beyond the distance. I also realized I wanted to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle when I realized my mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and didn’t want to put myself at risk. Running has given me the opportunity to meet and inspire many other runners as well as be inspired by my fellow running friends I have made. As a runner I also like to give back to the running community and volunteer my time at various races as well as helping out friends by crewing, pacing, and being a supporter. I’ve had many highlights and all races have been memorable to me and close to my heart. In 2010 I managed an overall Marathon PR by 37 minutes after completing a triple running event. I also completed my first 50k by challenging myself to run beyond a marathon distance. In 2011 I kept improving and challenging myself by improving my overall marathon and half marathon time and getting PR’s.

Running Events

2011 Races

12/26/11: Operation Jack Marathon
12/18/11: Santa’s Run Half Marathon
12/17/11: Deck the Halls Half Marathon
12/4/11: Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon
11/20/11: Santa Monica Mountains 18k
11/12/11: Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon
10/30/11: Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon
10/16/11: Xterra Point Mugu Trail Run 18k
10/9/11: Long Beach International City Bank Marathon
10/1/11: Chino Hills Spring Run Series Half Marathon
9/10/11: Endure the Bear 30k
7/31/11: San Francisco Marathon
7/23/11: The Marathon Show Marathon
7/3/11: Stars and Stripes Half Marathon
7/2/11: Summer Fun Half Marathon
6/5/11: Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon
6/4/11: Fontana’s Day Half Marathon
5/22/11: Running the Newport Trails Half Marathon
5/15/11: Bay to Breakers 12k
5/1/11: OC Marathon
4/23/11: Running the Coto Trails Half Marathon
4/9/11: Labor of Love Marathon
4/3/11: Rock the Ocean Half Marathon
3/27/11: The Coaster Run 10k
3/20/11: LA Marathon
2/26/11: Rocky Road Half Marathon
2/21/11: Presidents Day Half Marathon
1/8/11: Rocky Road Preview 25k

2012 Races
2/5/12: Surf City Half Marathon
1/22/12: Rose Bowl Half Marathon
1/21/12: Blazin’ Trail Half Marathon
1/8/12: Xterra Boney Mountain Trail Half Marathon

Future races and counting
3/18/12: LA Marathon
3/25/12: Coaster run 10k
4/7/12: Hollywood Half Marathon
4/22/12: A Run through Redlands Half Marathon
4/28/12: Leona Divide 50k
5/12/12: Sycamore Canyon 50k
5/19/12: Pasadena Marathon
6/2/12: Fontana Half Marathon
6/23/12: Billy Goat Half Marathon
7/29/12: San Francisco Marathon
10/7/12: Long Beach Marathon

Why do you love to run?

I love to run because it makes me feel free, alive, energized, and takes me beyond my limits.