Joel Beltran

Personal Information

Running made me closer to my sons. Two years ago my youngest son got an F in PE because he did not know how to run. I patiently trained him to run with me. Just last week, he finished his first half marathon in Huntington Beach with an impressive time of 2 hours & 8 minutes. I feel very much fulfilled.

Running gave me friends. One example is during my first Ridgecrest Marathon. My friend wanted to give up after 45K of running. I patiently encouraged and stayed with him. It took us a grueling 6 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds to finish together. Now this friend is a very good and close one to me.

Running Events

6 time LA Marathon finisher
5 time San Francisco Marathon finisher
4 time Long Beach Marathon finisher
4 time Huntington Beach Marathon finisher
3 time Pasadena Marathon finisher
Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon finisher
Marine Corps Marathon finisher
San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon finisher
Malibu International Marathon finisher
OC Marathon finisher
2 time Ridgecrest Ultra Marathon finisher
13.1 Los Angeles Series finisher

Why do you love to run?

“Running makes me happy.”