Kelley Drobnis

Running Highlights

- My first full marathon was the San Francisco Marathon in 2012.  The race was absolutely breathtaking, but those hills were a BEAST!  I am signed up to go back and run the SF Marathon this year to show those hills who’s boss :)

- I recently ran my first Spartan race in Temecula a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, those Spartans are no joke!  It felt awesome to challenge my entire body in such an intense race, and I’m looking forward to running the Monterey Spartan Beast in June (13 miles, 25+ obstacles….AROO!)

- At the beginning of last year, I was battling a severe case of Runner’s Knee.  I was scheduled to run the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge (half marathon and full marathon on back-to-back consecutive days) and seriously thought I wouldn’t be able to do it.  But I fully dedicated myself to my training and recovery, and ended up finishing both races with great times (even threw in the 5K on Friday as a warmup run!).  I have never been so proud of an accomplishment, and it is a constant reminder to me that nothing is impossible!

- When I first started long distance running, I said I would NEVER run an ultra-marathon…..I recently made the decision to run my first ultra at the end of this year, the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K.  I guess it’s true what they say, you should never say never :)

- I fell in love with the running community from the moment I ran my very first 5K.  Running has introduced me to so many amazing people who amaze, motivate and inspire me every day!

Running Events

– Disney World 5K (Jan 10)
– Disney World Half Marathon (Jan 11)
– Disney World Marathon (Jan 12)
– Tinkerbell Half Marathon (Jan 20)
– Coaster Run 5K (Mar 10)
– The Great Race of Agoura Hills 5K (Mar 23)
– Tacos & Beer 5K (May 5)
– Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run (Jun 1)
– Shoreline Half Marathon (Jul 14)
– Simi Valley 5K (Sept 21)
– Gladiator Rock N Run (Sept 28)
– Run For Your Lives 5K (Sept 28)
– Nike Womens Half Marathon (Oct 20)
– Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon (Nov 9)
– Santa Monica Turkey Trot 5K (Nov 27)
– Woodley Park Reindeer Run 10K (Dec 21)
– New Year’s Day Celebration 5K (Jan 1)
– Disneyland Tinkerbell 10K (Jan 18)
– Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon (Jan 19)
– SoCal Spartan Sprint (Jan 25)
– Woodley Park Valentine’s Day Run (Feb 15)
– Disney World Enchanted 10K (Feb 22)
– Disney World Princess Half Marathon (Feb 23)
– Coaster Run 5K (Mar 2)
– Great Race of Agoura Hills 5K (Mar 22)
– Santa Monica Dolphin Dash Half Marathon (Mar 23)
– Hollywood Half Marathon (Apr 5)
– Big Sur Marathon Relay (Apr 27)
– Spartan Beast Monterey (Jun 5)
– San Francisco Marathon (Jul 27)
– Disneyland 10K (Aug 30)
– Disneyland Half Marathon (Aug 31)

….and still counting for 2014! :)


Why do you love to run?

Running is my therapy for the body, mind, spirit and soul!