Mojca Nemanic



How did you get into running?

I’m from Canada and as you may know our winters are quite harsh. I would run in the summer but not in the winter. When I moved to LA, I discovered Griffith Park and warm weather all year round. The combination of the two along with my ARC friends solidified my love for running. I have to say that I am a bit of a wimp now when it comes to running in the cold.

What inspired you to volunteer as a pacer?

I feel that ARC has provided me with such strong support in pursuit of my running goals that I feel that pacing allows me to give back. I love pushing people and encouraging them to go beyond their limits and challenge themselves.

Greatest running achievement

1st place in age division @ Historic Filipinotown Run in LA and Lanikai 8k in Hawaii. Also, pacing my fellow pacer and friend Elly Schoap at the Ojai marathon where she qualified for the Boston marathon.

Favorite Quote?

“F*&K it, let’s do it.”