Myrna Gallegos

Running Highlights

I have only been running for a year and a half and have already accomplish so much and continue to push myself to see how much farther I can go.
In 2012 I ran my first 5k, 10k and Half Marathon! In 2013 I made it a goal to complete my first full along with 12 Half Marathons (ended up running 16 halts!) This year I plan on running two Ultras and completing 4 Full Marathons!! I’m so excited to reach my goals and train for them with ARC!
I do a lot of running and think that I would be a great ambassador for ARC. I would be honored to wear ARC gear on all my runs!  Every time I meet new runners I always send them over to ARC to get their gear and to join the running group.
I would love to be a part of the ARC Family!

Running Events

Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2013
The Color Run LA 5k 2013
Disneyworld Princess Half Marathon 2013
Los Angeles Marathon 2013
Hollywood Half marathon 2013
Nike Womens 10K 2013
Nike Runs the Grove Half Marathon 2013
Mountains to Beach Half Marathon 2013
Girls on the Run 5k (Pasadena) 2013
Pasadena half marathon 2013
Wipro San Francisco Marathon 2013
Color Me Rad LA 5k 2013
Shoreline Half Marathon 2013
Arroyo Creek Half Marathon 2013
80’s Run 5k 2013
Disneyland 10k 2013
Disneyland Half Marathon 2013
Girls on the Go Half Marathon 2013
Spooktacular Half Marathon 2013
Rock N Roll LA Half Marathon 2013
Muddy Buddy LA 2013
Hard Rock Cafe 5k 2013
Surfer’s Point Half Marathon 2013
Holiday 5k 2013
Holiday Half Marathon 2013
San Diego Holiday Half Marathon 2013
New Years Race 2014
Tinkerbell 10K 2014
Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014
Disneyworld Princess 10k 2014
Disneyworld Princess half Marthon 2014
LA Marathon 2014
Hollywood Half Marathon 2014
San Francisco Marathon 2014
Disneyland Family 5k 2014
Disneyland 10k 2014
Disneyland Half Marathon 2014
LA River 5k 2014

**And Many more to register for, goal is 4 Fulls this year and 2 Ultras, with many fun Halfs,10k’s and 5k’s in between!!

Why do you love to run?

I want to see what I am capable of.