Nadia Ruiz

Running Stats

0:41:09 10K – 2013 Downtown LA 10K, 3rd FOA
1:26:45 13.1 – 2011 Fontana Half, 5th FOA
3:16:05 26.2 – 2013 LAM
4:37:08 51K – 2011 ET 51K, 1st FOA
9:11:17 50mi – 2013 Avalon 50
5:53:25 70.3mi – 2012 Super Frog 70.3
12:34:08 140.6mi – 2011 Ironman Arizona

Personal Information

Coming from an immigrant family with limited means, I was taught very early on that there are no barriers to our truest desires to succeed. At the age of 14, I ran my first marathon and discovered there truly are no limits when our heart desires the highest challenge. Since then, I have completed over 300 races of all distances around the world seeking to challenge myself in the roughest terrains, highest elevations to find my internal power, strength, and speed. Through my efforts of training and racing, I reached my 100th marathon milestone with over half as Boston Qualifying times by the age 28 making me one of the youngest in the world to complete the feat. I share my journey with others to demonstrate passion does achieves dreams. As a high school biology educator for eight years, I aim to give back to the community by teaching and coaching our inner city youth in Los Angeles. With each day that passes, I will continue to challenge myself on my relentless path to find my truest potential and demonstrate anything is possible.

Running Highlights

Nadia 100th

ARC Nadia 100th shirt-small

109 marathons
49 half marathons
7 half Ironmans
3 Ironmans
4 Ultras

Notable Accomplishments:
1st FOA 2012 & 2013 Operation Jack Marathon
1st FOA 2012 & 2013 Hoover Dam Marathon
1st FOA 2013 Hard Rock Café 5K
1st FOA 2011 ET 51K
Top 50 Females 2013 LA Marathon
6th  “Best Frequent Marathoners” in US, 2011
3rd  “Best Frequent Marathoners” in US, 2012
4th  “Best Frequent Marathoners” in US, 2013

Running Events

1/4   New Year’s Race Half
1/11 Avalon 50mi
2/1   SOB 50K
2/9   San Juan 50K
2/16 Bandit 50K
2/23 Cowtown 50K
3/9   LA Marathon
3/23 Old Goat 50mi
3/29 GPM
4/5   AR50
4/21 Boston Marathon
4/26 Leona 50K
4/27 Mt. Lemmon Marathon
5/25 M2B Marathon
6/7   Fontana Half
6/14 Leadville Marathon
6/27 Black Hills 50mi
7/6   Quito Marathon
7/27 SF Marathon
9/14 Big Kahuna 70.3
9/21 Ironman Lake Tahoe
10/13 Chicago Marathon
10/27 Marine Corps Marathon
12/6   North Face 50mi

Why do you love to run?

When I run, I feel free. I feel unstoppable. I feel like I can live forever.