Naomi Fair

Running Highlights

Although as runners, we are reduced to bib numbers and timing chips from local sponsors and officials, and even as each event is an individual race with our own mind and body, there is something very spiritual that happens once we hit the pavement and run. As I noted, we may be just a number to most, but there is one entity that we are not considered just a number… God. For the past year and a half, I have had the privilege and honor of running with some amazing people. I write that I have been training for the past year and a half because I have had to endure injury after injury that inhibited me from running. But due to my tenacity, faith, competitiveness, and just plain stubbornness, I have mustered up enough courage to continually train for half marathon status. Now I have hopes to complete my first full marathon in Canada this September. For all of those that are reading this now, I have to say, if I can commit to running and reaching marathon status, anyone can do it! I recently lost 20 pounds which also has motivated me to continue to train harder. I completed my first half marathon this past November; and just recently my 5th in Pasadena, California. Within a 4 month time frame, I widdled my time from 2:37, down to 2:16. I recently placed 10th in my age division in a local 10k. I endeavor to continue helping other beginner runners with their endurance, and pacing them as they desire to meet their personal running goals. I love the look on people’s face, and the high fives of everyone that I help, as they meet their personal running goals. Knowing, but not gloating, that I helped them reach their destiny!

Running Events

Rock and Roll Marathon Series
Arizona (Half)
Pasadena (Half)
Los Angeles (Half)
Las Vegas (Half)
Nashville (Half)
San Jose (Half)
Montreal, Canada (Full)
Portland (Half)
Seattle (Half)
Surf City Half Mar
OC Half Mar
Long Beach Full Mar
Live Ultimate RUN Los Angeles (10k)
Race on the Base (10k)
New Years Race Los Angeles (Half)
Divas Half Mar/5K

San Dimas 10k Turkey Trot
Plymouth Rock N Run 10k Turkey Trot
Divas Half Mar in San Juan Puerto Rico
Surf City 10 Mile Derby
Conquer the Bridge Labor Day Run
31st Annual The Hills Are Alive 10k
Joggin’ For Frogmen 5k
Hero Rush
Coaster Run 10k

Manhattan Beach Yuletide 5k
Sports Chalet Magic Mountain 10k
Children Today 5k
Conquer the Bridge
San Dimas Turkey Trot

Why do you love to run?

To Run My Race of Faith with Endurance