Paul Aguayo


Older than I look but as young as I feel.

How did you get into running?

Short answer-keep fit for soccer (years ago) but I kept running for mental health.

What inspired you to volunteer as a pacer?

Best part about pacing for ARC is that it is the first and only run club I’ve ever stuck with because it is beyond question these things – Friendly and open to any and all levels (without elite “snobiness” that I’ve seen in others). I’ve always been a lone wolf while running and feel really really comfortable within this group. So… when I was asked to be a pacer I felt honored and thankful to do so. Great way to meet people and the sense of community and wealth of running information, insight and advice is fantastic.

Greatest running achievement

Well quite simply put…Running itself…and never ever wanting to stop.

That and after running for years simply for health and happiness, all without gadgets for pace, distance etc…just running free, I saw a sign or something for an upcoming event…well I signed up. No “proper” training.

First race ever. No 5K, no 10K, but my first Half Marathon. I guessed maybe I’d be able to finish under 2:30. So I toe the line…no watch, no structured training, no gels, etc… I attacked the course all wrong. Going out like a rabbit, speeding up hills and skipping the water stops (stupid, yes I know). With 3 miles left to go, my knee was in searing pain and I was hobbling. Then I stopped. After figuring I was no where close to my estimated finish time, I just started slowly walking to the end when I noticed the time on a big clock outside a bank and then I bit my lip and started a long slow run. Then a surge. Then the finish line. At just under 1:45! In tears I walked home and took a hot bath and fell asleep on the couch. I figured, “Wow! How would I do if I actually continued properly?” Alas… I’ve yet to stop.