Peachy Poso

Running Highlights

- Gain new friends; I always enjoy meeting new people, before (at the expo) and during the race.
- Did my first Marathon and achieve my best time running San Diego RnR
- Set up Runners Beyond Borders and our group got lucky to run St. George Mararthon
- Went to San Diego for 2 days to attend the USATF coaching school to obtain coaching certification. Pass it and got certified!
- Train runners to run Their first half mararthon; run with them at LB Marathon
- First time to run Ragnar and I love it ( team spirit)! Looking forward on doing the ultra ragnar this year!
- Run back to back marathon in November (Sta. Barbara and Malibu Mararthon) and looking forward doing the TriFecta in September (Lake Tahoe)

Running Events

Surf City Marathon
Firecracker 20 Miler Bike Ride
Firecracker 10k
LA Marathon
CATS Balboa Lake 10k
Ragnar – SoCal
LA River 5k Fun Run
Ojai Marathon
Utah Valley Marathon
Mojave Half Marathon
Huntington Beach 5k
San Francisco Marathon
Camarillo Dualthon
W2 Promotion (Balboa Park)
Awesome 80’s Pasadena Run
Ragnar – Napa Valley
Long Beach Marathon (Half)
Wobble Gobble 5k (Sta. Monica)
California International Marathon

Why do you love to run?

I love to run because it clears my mind when i’m stressed and its good for my health as well!